Every one has their story about where they’ve come form,

what they’ve learnt, where they’ve wandered,

who they’ve met and what they became.

Still, I would skip the story this time and I’d rather talk about all the things

and all the people who made me what I am today.


 Have you ever done done a list like that? Mine is the following: 

From my parents I brought along- for long quite invisible yet really important- values that guide me in the world and serve as compasses: they help me love, persevere, be sincere and recognize the true things. My schools and teachers gave me the gift of discovering what I love learning and what I can be good at. My friends taught me how it feels to be loved, supported, and that I am never left alone. And naturally, how to love. From my workplaces I acquired discipline, attention and a kind of stand in life.

The different types of courses, lectures, books and masters showed me methods, techniques to work on my self developement and taught me to dare questioning things. Besides, I understood how important it is to assume responsibility for things that are in my hands.

Walking all along the „El Camino” I experienced how essential it is to concentrate on the little steps when the task ahead of us seems enormous. Sometimes the boots hurt my feet, or I shiver from the cold raindrops on my skin, or the next shelter is far and I am alone on the way: the next day will be different. The years I spent in Barcelona and in the UK showed me what it feels like to survive and get by in a foreign land and they strengthened my passion for languages.  I also learnt that there is time to gather your forces and there is time for action. Being a mother I understood the importance of rules in life and I have learnt patience, perseverance, not to mention facing my flaws.

My work with the tarot cards and with coaching taught me how to pose questions –paying attention to others.So that I can recognize that all answers are there, hidden, and once the right questions are asked they just simply emerge. All these- my studies, my travellings, my experiences-made me believe in the importance of words. I truly believe that „right” words have to power to build brigdes, crossings to the other person, they have power to build relationships. Naturally, not all can be said with the help of words, and I am not aiming to do that either. I just try to use them where they can come in handy, where they can serve. After all, even the silence has someting to say.   


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