I can help you to get a clear picture of your situations. This is the first step to change your life if you feel something is missing from it. It can give you support in moving onward or just be happier in your present life. Coaching can foster your self-awareness or enhance your self esteem and it can accompany you in processes, or when you feel discouraged and indesicive. 


What I most like about the coaching concept is that it gives support in the 3D world, in the realness.  It allows us to reshape our every day life.


Coaching can also serve you in situations when you do not even know what your goal is. It can help you find the ideas, abilities, talents inside you, spot the your well-functioning solutions or define ways you haven’t tried but can be relevant for you.  Coaching is not a therapy and it has no intention to discover why you are in a certain situation, or what things led you there, instead, it looks ahead, it focuses on the things you can do to change it.  Coaching is based on the idea that every single person is full of –given or learnt- knowledges, talents, gifts and its goal is to exploit these talents and make them work. 



1st occassion: 8000 Ft

Following 3 occassion package: 22 000 Ft



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