In tarot coaching pictures, such as dixit playcards, paintings, or TAROT cards play the main role in the coaching process.

This is one of my favourite techniques, as images- with their colours, shapes, figures and atmosphere- are great help in realisations or discoveries of hidden motives, real reasons behind a situation, generally, in understanding.  

It is a 1-1,5 hour long conversation about You and your life. We take a thorough look at the topic you have brought, seeking answers for the given questions.

With the help of the images you can discover hidden motives, reasons and thoughts behind a situation or inner obstacles that still await solutions. At the end of the session you will have a clear view on how to make the first step towards your goals.


As first step we look into the topic you have brought to the coaching session. More precisely, we look behind it, in order to see more clearly. Once ready with this, we move forward to see what can help you in this process, change, or development. We are seeking your own solutions and we define all possible options in the given situation.

Our objective could also be creating a list of tasks or commitments that would enhance your self- esteem or self-confidence. Besides, I can accompany you in certain processes if you feel uncertain.

​I can also help you in case you do not even know or see clearly what your objective is. There are times when we first have to focus on seeking tools, ideas, solutions that already worked well for you, and afterwards we map the new possibilities, or options.

It is important to know that coaching is not a therapy, it has no aim to dig into your past or analyse reasons and behaviours. Coaching strictly focuses on the forward process, it wishes to define concrete steps you can make towards your dreams and goals. Coaching aims to support your strengths, to encourage your talent and help you in exploiting all your valuable knowledge and skills. 



First session: 8.000 HUF

Three session package: 21.000 HUF (7.000/session)


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