Find your language trainer!

Eager to tackle situations caused by language barriers? Choose well your language trainer!


To lead language trainings, either for your CUSTOMER CARE colleagues -customer communication, correspondence, phone calls- or for SALES personnel -presentations, conferences, budget meetings, it is crucial to find an agile, motivating, knowledgeable language expert. Solely an English course might not award you with the chance to see your co- workers effectively communicate and gain confidence in business interactions.


Your best choice then?


Find someone - be it an English teacher, English trainer, language coach- who can shake learning up: who can convey relevant content through dynamic practices - look into the offered training material and make sure it’s worth it.


Find someone who once sat in your co -workers’ positions or at least trained similar professionals beforehand- „been there, done that” approach is a must if you wish to see results.


Find someone you’ve heard of: ask around, check out for social proof. There will be a trainer with excellent references or credible feedback.


And finally:

Once you’ve found some language experts eligible, meet them in person. You do not just want the shiniest, detailed, smartest syllabus, you want a character, a personality, a teaching enthusiast.