Presenting- How to do it well?

Are you a born presenter? Then you won’t need to read this.


How did I cope the first time I had to stand in front of twenty adults as their English trainer and make them enjoy learning „conditionals”?

How do I feeel for the hundredth time I am  to come up with a pitch in a meeting packed with thirty entrepeneurs?


Shaking in the process and knowing I could do better than that...Still, I've learnt that the devil is NOT so much in the details, the „devil” is in laughter and attention.


So what makes a superb presenter?


  • People listen thanks to your impactful opening- you’ve quoted something shrewd and astonished them, you’ve told a joke and made them giggle , you’ve posed a question they did not expect to hear. DON’T SAY: today I am going to tell you about...
  • People listen ’cos you do not bore them with a way too many, superfluous figures (unless you are the financial director and your sole existence is defined by numbers).
  • People listen because you keep changing your tone and speed instead of talking in an even voice of a droid.
  • People listen because- if it fits in your time and nature of pitch- you are a storyteller. Your story builds bridges, conjures the audience and make them remember your precious words.
  • People listen ’cos you are fun. Not that it’s easy, but at least, give it a try.


Enough said!